Health Care Policies and News

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The purpose of this website is to provide consumers with useful information regarding health insurance. We want consumers to be more informed and educated about health insurance and provide space where they can save time. On this website you’ll be able to compare health insurance companies, eligibility requirements, find useful information on ObamaCare, easy access to links to sign in pages, step-by-step guides on how to sign-in to websites, phone numbers, addresses and much. Below is information on Health Policies and News.

With healthcare reform in full swing it goes without saying that more and more people have started to search for their own health insurance policies. There are actually numerous sites on the internet that will allow you to do this. In fact, here are some of the most common new health insurance policy links you can review when you have time.

eHealth –
Humana –
Aetna –
United Healthcare –
Progressive – –

Now, there are a lot of individuals that really want to remain ahead of the news in relation to the health insurance. The internet has made this very easy to do and it will not take long to find out what is going on within the health care community if you just consider some of the following websites. They are sure to give you the most up to date facts and changes that may be taking place.

New York Times –
Fox News –
US News –

We will now discuss a few major topics related to health care right now. After all, the more information you have in relation to some of the topics, the easier it will be for you to make some very informed decisions about your own health care needs.

Hudson Health Plan – This company offers two different health insurance programs that are sponsored by the state of New York. These include Medicaid Managed Care and Child Health Plans. All members of these plans will receive primary and specialty health insurance. They provide affordable health insurance coverage. You can learn more at

Peach State Health Plan – Georgia’s Medicaid adults and children will receive benefits through this program. Their benefits will include vision, dental and health care coverage. Keep in mind that some of the services may require prior authorization, a doctor’s order or additional fees. This website can be found at

Emblem Health Insurance – Offering a wide range of insurance policies for individuals, small business owners and even large business owners. You can use their website to learn about pharmacy plans and even utilize services to help you select the plan that is the very best for your family’s needs.

Coventry Health Insurance – Visit to learn about individual and group plans. This company even offers coverage for behavioral health issues that you may be dealing with.

New York State Health – Individuals, families and even businesses that are looking for health insurance in the state of New York will find this website very helpful. It is possible to view all benefit summaries and even utilize the premium estimator.

Short Term Health Insurance – This is temporary health insurance coverage. With this type of insurance you can often access coverage for as little as 30 days and as long as 12 months. You will see that there are a number of websites on the internet that will offer this type of coverage.

PPO- This is health care coverage that is organized by an insurance company. Hospitals, clinics and doctors will actually sign a contract with the insurance company to provide services to the company’s members. When you have this type of insurance you will often need to make a co-payment at the time you are seen.

Healthy Families – This is a website where individuals will be able to purchase health insurance using federal tax credits. Many states are going to have their very own websites for state residents to review and select policies.

Wellpoint – Wellpoint and Anthem merged in 2004. Because of this they have become one of the nation’s largest health benefit organizations. This company is going to be able to offer individual, family and even business health insurance policies. In order to see the products that they offer you will want to visit

Tricare Health Insurance – This is a health insurance program that serves uniformed service members, those that are retired and their family members. It is possible for you to review plans and costs on their website. If you believe you may be eligible for these services then you should visit

Free Medical Insurance – If you are in need of free health insurance then you should certainly look at This website will help you understand the different free programs that you may be eligible for. You will be shocked by all of the different programs and what they may be able to offer you.

Medical Insurance for College Students – United Healthcare is just one company that is able to offer insurance for college students. You can always visit their website at to see what they can offer your youth.

Medical Claims Processing – This is the process that takes place when you have filed a claim with your insurance company. Or, when you have received a service at a medical facility and the company has submitted a claim to your insurance company. Most insurance websites will allow you to log into your account online and see where your claim is at in the process.

Personal Health Insurance Plan – This is a plan that you will purchase on your own in order to ensure that you have health insurance. There are a number of websites available to purchase personal health insurance plans. You can also visit

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